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MT Manager apk Latest version download. You are the one who is looking for a tool that can help you out in managing your phone files in a well manner? Or are you wondering like which tools you should have to use to assist you in editing the apk files for better performance?

Today, I will explain you the name of an application that will clear all your worries with ease. It will also help you take on the charge of managing and editing your favorite files or documents most skillfully and reasonably possible. This application is called as MT Manager, which is under the category of Tools that are being developed by the Lin Jin Bin family.

This whole article will help you to understand about what is MT Manager, and what makes it help you choose the optimal software to serve for your needs.

What is MT Manger?

MT Manager apk

MT Manager is none other than a file manager which functions for working with apk (and the contents in the specific application). It is a unique application which doesn’t works like all other alternative apps with apk files.

MT Manager app does not completely decompile the .apk files, like other apk tool-based editing programs. To work or decode the application with a user or system application, you need to open the .apk file and then select the editor or translator mode. If you need to edit the application code, then you need to open classes.dex (. smali), if resources, then you need to open resources. arcs (string, array, colour, etc.)

MT Manager Features

MT Manager App download
MT Manager apk free download
MT Manager vip apk
  • You can rename the batch; it is completely customizable. You can keep the name you want to wish.
  • Signature APK
  • Cloning APK (two versions of the same application)
  • Optimization APK
  • XML editor
  • ARSC Editor
  • DEX Editor
  • Text editor (search/replace/filter)
  • View images
  • Listening to music
  • Changing of Permissions
  • Root explorer
  • View Fonts
  • Script execution
  • Work with ZIP (compression/decompression/update)
  • Multi-choice
  • View/edit/delete/add classes, methods, domains, constants

The main functions of this MT Manager APK are mentioned here with all the explanations:

  1. File management:  Options like file copying, moving, deleting can be done. If you want to give root privilege to MT Manager apk, you have to access the system directory option available in the file manager and later on that remount the file system as read-write and finally modify file permissions as owner.
  2. Open the ZIP file which is similar to be in WinRAR file format. Here, you can delete, rename, add / replace, move and cut the external files to the ZIP files without decompression or repackaging, and decompress files in the ZIP.
  3. Text editor, picture viewer, music player, font previewer, script executer, text contrast and other functions, in the sidebar you can easily view the storage device, FTP connection, bookmark, background, tools and so on.
  4. Many powerful and amazing APK editing features are holding this application called MT Manager APK, like dex editor, arsc editor, xml editor. you can also use alternative applications like sign apk, optimize apk, clone apk, which are containing the same features like this application with remove signature verification, confuse apk resource, anti-confuse apk resource, translate app.
  5. It is a totally effective document supervisor and apk editor, you may use it to do loads of factors to your phone, which includes coping with documents, enhancing software, translating applications, modifying textual content, and so on.
  6. The predominant features of this MT Manager apk are: – File management, which includes document copy, move, delete. If you wish to do or deliver root privilege to MT Manager app, you may get right of entry to the device directory, remount the document device as read-write, alter document permissions and/as owner. Open the ZIP document like WinRAR.
  7. Using this app you can delete, rename, move, add/update outside documents to the ZIP without decompression and repackaging, and decompress documents withinside the ZIP.
  8. Text editor, photograph viewer, track player, font previewer, script executer, textual content assessment and different features, withinside the sidebar you may without problems view the garage device, FTP connection, bookmark, background, gear and so on.
  9. Many effective APK modifying features, like dex editor, arsc editor, XML editor. you may additionally signal apk, optimize apk, clone apk, take away signature verification, confuse apk resource, anti-confuse apk resource, translate app.

Advantages of Latest MT Manager Apk

MT Manager Pro apk
MT Manager VIP apk
MT Manager apk free download

We will be looking at the top priorities which are considered as advantages of this app. MT Manager apk is a required app for any rooted device to change or move the contained files. You can download MT manager apk from our website which is working well with different devices by multiple users from all over the world.

  1. Root Access

In the MT manager apk you will get the option to turn on the root. This is only available for paid or VIP users of this application. If you wish to purchase this application you need to do a payment before availing this root access. Root access is really important in a rooted android device. With the help of this app, you can easily get access to the root directory. MT manager apk is unlocked for VIP access and you can avail any of the features for free.

  • XML Editor

XML Editor allows you to edit .xml files in your android device with the help of MT manager pro mod apk. XML editor is a good option available in this app. Many guys do some work on .XML files and they want this type of app. This app performs well and there is no lag while opening cand editing files. If you need .XML editor then you can download the MT manager pro mod apk.

  • Unzip Files

Zipping the folders and unzipping them again is really important and useful nowadays, for android devices. I am also using this app to unzip and zip files without any problem which is a verified application from the google Play store. I know that nowadays android devices come with built-in zip extractor (latest smart devices) but they can’t extract .rar files (will be in this format most of the files). That’s why the MT manager APK is required for all the android device users. It can easily extract any file names like Zarchiver. This application is good and helps us to unzip files instantly.

  • Change apk resource 

If you are an app developer or create mod apk and other projects on android based application. Then you can use this tool or application to edit your android resource files. MT manager allows you to edit files and unzip the files easily even if they are hard to decode. You can easily extract classes.dex files. The main advantage of using this app is already mentioned that we can unzip the files with XML editor. You can also change the XML files by using it XML editor option. This app is good and provides lots of benefits. I like this app feature to edit or change resource of android apk.

How to Download MT Manager Apk for Android

To download the latest version of MT Manager Apk, you need click on the below download option. An APK file will be downloaded to your internal storage. After downloading the MT Manager app, you need to install the app. Follow the below steps to install the apk. I recommend you to follow the step wise process to avoid inconvenience.

App NameMT Manger
App Size9.2 MB
Supported OnAndroid 5.0+
DeveloperMT Manager

How to Install MT Manager Apk for Android

You can choose downloading of the MT Manager Mod APK Latest Version from the link provided above. This is a highly recommended to everyone and latest version of the MT Manager to obtain all the above-mentioned features. Just follow the below mentioned steps in order wise to enjoy the editing experience in your android device. Let’s get into the steps. If you are aware of apk installation to your device, please proceed the application with your own risk. But, I recommend all the users to read the terms and conditions and agree to them before clicking it.

  1. Open the Settings Menu from your Device, Go to Security >> Enable Unknown Sources. By allowing this you will be able to install the apk to your device without any trouble. This enabling is mandatory for installation of apk’s from the internal storage. If you directly install from the Play store, there is no need of doing this. Unfortunately, this app is not available in the Play store. So, you need to enable this option for sure.
  2. Install the apk, follow the on-screen guidelines and all wait patiently till the process is complete successfully.
  3. If you see” Allow from this source” pop up on your screen, give the permission for hassle free installation.
  4. Open the MT Manager App after installation and allow Storage Permissions.
  5. Tap on the Accept button at the bottom of the pop up to accept its Terms and Conditions and app policies.
  6. Now, the app will be installed successfully in your device. Here, now you can enjoy all the above-mentioned features with this application.

How to download and install MT Manager app in windows 7,8,10| PC 

We above shown how to download mt manager app in android devices, Now I will show you the download and installation guide for windows or PC. MT Manager app is not officially available for windows 7,8,10. That means Mt manager software  (exe file) is not available, but with android emulator its possible.

Android emulators are nothing but just install android apps in windows PC. There you can download and install android apps in your PC. So many android emulators available in market. But Few of them working properly. I will suggest the bluestacks, memu and geany motion. These 3 emulators are good for every Windows system. I will you the MT manager apk installation guide with Bluestacks.

mt manager apk for pc windows

I recommended to download Bluestacks android emulator which is very popular and simply user interface.

Step 1: Go to the official website of bluestacks and download the software.

Step 2:After downloading the bluestacks, Just open with administrative and install it.

Step 3:All you done with installation of bluestacks and open it. Sign in with your gmail account. Its trustworthy to login in bluestacks.

Step 4: Bluestacks part is completed. Now comeup with MT Manager app installation Guide. We provided above download link of mt manager apk file.

Step 5: Downloaded apk file need to open with bluestacks. This will directly install in bluestacks.

Step 6: Now open the bluestacks, there you can see you the installation of MT Manager. Open the App and enjoy the features we mentioned above.

Change log:

MT Manager apk Version: 2.10.0

– Added comparator arsc (VIP)
– Added support PayPal payment VIP (only shown in non-Chinese environment) Side menu MT > Purchase VIP (see details) > Purchase VIP > PayPal (username will be input automatically)
– Upgraded arsc library to support parsing sparse format data segments
– Added support history records in batch renaming interface
– Added function “Save as” in text editor
– Added function “Export file” in code editing interface Dex+/Arsc+ editors
– Added function “Import file” in Dex+/Arsc+ editors
– When Dex+ fails to create a project, error message will indicate which file caused error
– Added support browsing and selecting path for settings “Extract .apk”
– Added horizontal fast scroll bar in text editor

– New AXml/Arsc pseudo-encryption
– If phone with installed Magisk-Lite, function of modifying system file will be blocked (it will damage its function)
– Added 64-bit so file
– Added syntax highlighting for .bat
– Added function emptying lines in text editor
– Click title in text editor to display file path, code, line break and other information
– If text editor cannot find text when searching text, it will prompt that text cannot be found every time it is clicked (it was only first time)
– Optimized axml decompilation
– ZIP related functions will specify which internal file has error when encountering an error
– Upgraded cloud backup function, which can save up to 15 pieces of backup data
– Added some shortcut menus in hex editor for multi-select dialog box
– For some APKs that cannot be signed with v1 due to special processing, it will prompt to use only v2 signature after signature fails
– Added support opening zip files lacking a central catalog record
– Resource query function supports automatically obtaining selected text from text comparison
– Added single-column layout mode in text comparator (VIP)
– Optimized logic of text editor to switch annotation function

– Fixed issue that signature of certain apk could not be parsed
– Fixed problem that name of bookmark group may be forced to capitalize
– Fixed problem that scroll bar of text comparison interface cannot be displayed normally
– Fixed problem that files may be lost after RES anti-resource obfuscation function is processed
– Fixed problem that control exceeds screen after input in translation test dialog box is too long
– Fixed issue that Android 11 did not display small apk icon in folder under data/app directory
– Fixed problem that file user group name may not be displayed
– Fixed issue that sidebar tool did not refresh display/hide after restoring cloud backup
– Fixed login dropped problem
– Fixed problem that some .json could not be formatted and compressed
– Fixed problem that image browser could not recognize .svg format picture after changing suffix
– Fixed bug in search files with .
– Fixed problem that file verification function reports an error when zip file has a password

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Can this app be downloaded for free of cost?

A. Yes! Users need to note this point that this application doesn’t ask you to pay any amount to download this file.

Q2. Is it safe using this application in android device?

A. Yes! Developers of this application have verified that all security threats have been removed. The worm has been fixed.

Q3. What about advertisements/Ads?

A. No ads, Hassle-free application which will be found while using this version.

Q4. Where can I found APK Download link?

A: You will find the download link from the above link. This is a verified apk updated with the latest version of MT Manager APK.

Q5. Do I need any APK extension file to use this application in android device?

A: The APK extension is used for the Android package kit, and the file format used to install the Android application (such as EXE for Windows). If you want to install an APK, you have to manually download and run the File (a process called “side load”).


If you are the one who is looking to download this App, then you are in the right place and got the right bus for your destination. We have shared the fastest and reliable and a valid downloading process and to get the latest version with you all. So, tap on the download button, which is available at the top of this page. The downloading will start automatically in a few seconds if not try to do it manually. I hope you all like this article, please share this article with your friends who are looking for these kinds of applications. If you found any queries or suggestions please do post them in below comment box. If you need any music downloader app then try Spotiflyer.

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